Aupres Eyelash Nutrient Essence 5.2g

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Product Description

Eyelash enhancement serum to reduce the loss of eyelash due to breakage nad help treatment the lash to look healthy and longer*

*Continuous using and an effective based on individual result.*

How to use:

Please use the product after skincare in the morning and at night.

  1. Use the tip of the chip and blend it along the edge of top and bottom eyelashes.
  2. Fit the flat part (contoured part) of the chip along the eyelash roots. Slide it toward eyelash tips as if to apply mascara to blend it throughout the eyelashes.
  3. The chips may be stained if you still have eye makeup left. Please be sure to remove eye makeup before using the product at night.
  4. Please use the product before makeup in the morning, as the chip may be stained.
  5. Please be sure to thoroughly dry the eyelashes before applying mascara if you use the product before using mascara.

Best before Sept 2018


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